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Fastlane Products offers the lightest and most flexible side skirts available.  Our unique, patent-pending double-jointed gussets allow flexibility that the others simply can't.  Plus, the spring-tempered stainless steel gussets hold the skirts in tension, allowing the use of thinner, lighter, and more flexible skirt material.  Our skirt material has been carefully engineered to provide maximum flexibilty and minimum worry.  Call us today to find out more.


Fastlane Products can provide you with the most durable and effective aerodynamic mud flaps on the market.  Unlike the competition, our flaps meet spray suppression requirements for all states.  Plus, we offer our flaps at a significantly lower price than the competitors. 

These flaps are more durable than traditional flaps, yet provide slots to prevent the drag caused by traditional flat flaps.  This technology provides surprising return on your investment, paying for themselves in as little as two months.


Fastlane Products manufactures tractor-mounted spare tire carriers that are powder-coated for durability and designed for easy tire removal by a single operator.  Our carriers come with a solid tamper-resistant locking bracket to protect your investment.

By placing the spare carrier on the tractor, you don't need to provide a spare for each trailer - or leave your valuable spare tires exposed to theft on an unattended trailer.  

As effective as super single tires are at reducing fuel use, most roadside repair services do not yet carry replacements.  To avoid costly emergency tire purchases and even more costly delays, carry your spare tire conveniently on the back of your cab with a Fastlane Products rack.


Our simple solution is easy to install and doesn't limit access to connections between your truck and trailer.


Fuel prices are on the rise.  Unfortunately, so is fuel theft.  OEM anti-siphon devices offer little resistance to a determined thief.  Wouldn't you prefer to have the least vulnerable fuel tank on the lot?  Fastlane Products is pleased to offer a patented one-piece machined aluminum anti-siphon device to protect your investment and peace of mind.


Fastlane Products has teamed with the manufacturer of the most durable fiber-reinforced polymer materials available to offer your fleet unmatched protection for your trailers.  These polypropylene-based materials outperform traditional fiberglass or plywood products at a surprisingly affordable price.

Please call us at 865-309-LANE (5263) or email us at
info@fastlaneproducts.com for more information.

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